Planting Sweetcorn
Planting out sweetcorn now the weather is warming up and the risk of frost has passed.

Planting Sweetcorn

I made an early start this morning and I got outside to plant my sweetcorn before breakfast! Home grown sweetcorn tastes so much better than shop bought and there’s a reason for this. The sugars in the corn start to turn to starch as soon as they are picked!

If you haven’t grown sweetcorn yourself before then do give it a try, you will be surprised at how sweet it is. (more…)

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Chilli Growing Tips
Chilli Plant in the Greenhouse.

Chilli Growing Tips

I never used to have much luck growing chilli plants, that was until a couple of years ago, I decided to do some research to try to understand where I was going wrong. I discovered a number of chilli growing tips in books, online and even at my local farmers market where a gentleman used to sell plants laden with the fruits ready to pick.

So here they are. I won’t call them “my” chilli growing tips because really they have come from some other clever growers. (more…)

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Early Salad Crops
Salad Leaves can be grown in pots or troughs in the greenhouse to get a head start in spring.

Early Salad Crops

The extended cold winter we have had and slow start in the vegetable garden has made me rather grateful for the recent warmer weather we’ve had.

I like to grow as much of my family’s fruit and vegetables as I can. But when you are nearly a month behind in the garden, it is frustrating as there isn’t much available for the table in the early spring when winter vegetables are coming to an end. My early seeds that were sown in the propagator to germinate, such as the tomato and pepper seeds I grew have out-grown their home and have been moved onto windowsills inside the house to protect them from frost. (more…)

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The Successional Strawberry Bed.

I have been building a successional strawberry bed over the last couple of weeks, now that the cold weather seems to be behind us. I have been using modern wooden sleepers for this which are held in place by square 3″ posts driven into the ground. The plan is to have a crop throughout the summer months by planting varieties that fruit at different times.

I have added four different varieties of strawberry, two that we had on our allotment (Unfortunately I can’t say I know the name of these, one fruits in May / Early June and the other in September) and two that I purchased at a garden centre (Red Gauntlet and Eros). (more…)

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