Shallots – Easy to grow, quick to harvest
Shallots soon get their roots down and start growing.

Shallots – Easy to grow, quick to harvest

Shallot sets get planted every year in our vegetable garden. They fall into the allium category on our crop rotation plan together with onions and garlic that we grow.

Shallots can be planted at any time from the shortest day to early April providing the ground isn’t waterlogged and the temperature is above 7°C so they can get their roots down. Whilst I find garlic tends to grow better after having frost on it, I haven’t noticed the same with shallots, so I normally plant mine around Easter time unless it’s really wet or really cold. (more…)

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Chitting Potatoes

I have been chitting potatoes tonight. Both early and main crop varieties benefit from this, but there is a slightly different way to treat each one.

If you haven’t grown early potatoes before then without a doubt, you are missing out and I would urge you to try growing a few this year! Freshly dug potatoes are wonderfully tasty and when you look at the price of baby new potatoes in the shops (or early potatoes as gardeners call them), you can appreciate why it’s worthwhile for your wallet to grow them if you can. January / February is the time to buy and chit your potatoes. Chitting potatoes is beneficial to all varieties since it increases the size of your crop. (more…)

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Growing Tomatoes and Peppers from Seed

The weather has been miserable here in Bedfordshire. It is very wet and the temperature has been close to freezing all day. There is snow forecast for tonight but I have been struggling on with my plans for growing tomatoes and peepers from seed.

I have been out in the potting shed this afternoon, where I sowed tomatoes, capsicum peppers and chilli peppers. I have always grown these from seed, it is far cheaper to buy a packet of tomato seed, rather than buying tomato plants later on in the year from the garden centre where you generally don’t have the same number of varieties to choose from. (more…)

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