Planting an Orchard

The fruit orchard is my most recent adventure in the garden, although planting it was a rather muddy job thanks to the very wet winter we have had.

A quarter of an acre was fenced off with post and rail fencing in the autumn. This serves a dual purpose, it will be a run for our chickens, ducks and geese, who can’t always free range in the garden because they scratch up the soil or mulch and eat our tender plants but on grass in the fruit orchard, providing the chickens cannot scratch at the roots of the trees and the geese cannot nibble the bark of the young trees, they can help to produce our own source of organic manure that is high in nitrogen, and contains phosphates, sulphur, magnesium and lime. (more…)

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Winter Pruning my Pear Trees
Pruning lateral growth in the winter stimulates growth the next spring.

Winter Pruning my Pear Trees

Trees grown slowly without added Nitrogen are more resistant to disease. I grow two pear trees trained against the fence that borders our neighbours garden. Both are Williams pears although I would recommend Conference pears for the beginner as they seem to be more tolerant of Canker (caused by a fungus). The key to their success has been digging in a couple of barrow loads of well rotted horse manure with a little sand when I planted them in a well drained location. (more…)

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